DIY Seed Packets Make a Cheerful Gift

DIY Seed Packets | Corinna Wraps

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing something you planted, tended to and cared for grow into lush greenery and beautiful blooms. Why not spread the sense of accomplishment by sharing seeds from your garden? These DIY packets turn a handful of seeds into a precious gift, perfect for sharing with other gardeners, as a hostess gift or even as a wedding favour. (And if you have no seeds from your own garden to share, it’s also an awfully nice way to repackage store-bought seeds.)

DIY Seed Packets (materials| Corinna Wraps

Materials + Tools

+ Wrapping paper
+ Seed package or small envelope
+ Utility knife (optional)
+ Scissors
+ Cardboard or cardstock
+ Pencil
+ Ruler
+ Bone folder (available at craft supply stores)
+ Glue stick
+ Computer and printer (optional)
+ Seeds
+ Hole punch
+ Ribbon

How To

DIY Seed Packets (step 1) | Corinna Wraps

1. Start by making a template. Carefully take apart an existing seed packet or a small envelope, opening it up completely and keeping tabs intact. If you have trouble separating the tabs, try gently sliding a utility knife between the layers of paper. Remove any hanging, torn pieces so you have a smooth outer edge. Next, trace the package onto thin cardboard or a heavy cardstock. Cut it out using scissors or a utility knife. (You may want to use a ruler to redraw any crooked lines before cutting out the shape.) Mark on the cardboard where the packet folds are. You will be able to use this template over an over again, any time you’d like to make a new batch of seed packets.

2. Trace around the cardboard template with a pencil onto the back of your wrapping paper, then cut out. Centre larger patterns so the part you like best will appear on the front of the packet; keep in mind where the label will go.

DIY Seed Packets (step 3) | Corinna Wraps

3. Using a ruler and bone folder, score, then fold the paper following the fold of the original packet. Next, glue the side and bottom flaps down.

4. As you wait for the glue on the packet to dry, print your labels. I used an address label template and word processing software to print the seed type and planting instructions onto 1” x 2 5/8” labels. You can also handwrite your labels, if you prefer.

DIY Seed Packets (steps 4 & 5) | Corinna Wraps

5. Assemble your packet: Stick a printed label onto the front of the packet, then fill with seeds and glue down the final flap. Allow glue to dry.

DIY Seed Packets (step 5) | Corinna Wraps

6. Punch two holes near the top; thread a ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

7. Repeat as needed!

DIY Seed Packet (gift idea) | Corinna Wraps

Project tips

+ Gift wrap, scrapbook paper and pieces of wallpaper are all great paper options for this project. Choose a smallish pattern that will show well over the limited surface area of the seed packet.

+ I found lovely pink address labels at a specialty paper store, but plain white from an office supply store will work, too. If you’d like to include more detailed sowing instructions or a garden-inspired quote, use larger labels.

+ Packaging idea: For a gift, pair your DIY seed packets with seedling pots, or with a bouquet of fresh flowers of the same variety cut from your garden.

+ Project and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

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I'm a gift wrapping expert, writer, stylist and former decorating editor, writing all about gift wrapping on the Corinna Wraps blog.

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