DIY Jute-Wrapped Bottle

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Jute-Wrapped Bottles

When my husband presented me with the challenge of wrapping two bottles of his friend’s home brew, I wanted to find a way to package them that suited the small-batch, handcrafted essence of homemade beer. I settled on wrapping the bottles in jute twine — a technique that would work for any bottle or jar (think homemade pickles or jam, for example).

Jute-Wrapped Bottle – materials

Materials + Tools

  1. Bottle or jar
  2. Jute twine (found at hardware and dollar stores)
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Circle punch (optional)
  6. Watercolour paper (or cardstock)
  7. Glue gun and hot glue sticks
  8. Marker or pen (I used a glass pen and calligraphy ink)

How To

Jute-Wrapped Bottle, step 1

1. First, make a label. I cut a circle from watercolour paper using a 1¼” circle punch, but you can also trace a circle then cut out with scissors. On the circle, write the contents of the bottle. Set aside.

Jute-Wrapped Bottle, step 2

2. Attach a piece of double-sided tape along the body of the bottle. The length of the tape should be the height that you want the jute wrapping.

Jute-Wrapped Bottle, step 3

Jute-Wrapped Bottle, step 3b

3. Run the jute twine centered down the length of the tape, leaving 4”–8” hanging at the top (the taller the bottle, the more extra twine you should leave). Holding the twine in place at the bottom of the tape, start wrapping it around the bottle. Work your way up, keeping each layer of jute close to the previous one. When you get to the top of the tape, knot the two ends of twine together.

Jute-Wrapped Bottle, step 4

4. Hold the two ends down and put a glob of hot glue overtop, in the centre of the jute wrapping, then quickly attach the label you made.

Jute-Wrapped Bottle, step 5

5. Trim the ends of the jute twine to length, and your bottle is ready for gift giving.

TIP: Instead of double-sided tape, you could also use hot glue to secure the twine to the bottle: add small dots of glue as you work your way up.

Jute-Wrapped Bottle
+ Photography and styling by Corinna vanGerwen

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