DIY Frosty Ice-Cube Wrapping Paper

ice cube wrapping paper

When it comes to making your own wrapping paper, stamping is the obvious method of choice — it allows you to easily create a repeating pattern. But what if you could make the project even easier? How about no stamp at all?

With this DIY wrapping paper, you need only two things: plain paper and a few colored ink pads. I chose two blues and a white for a frosty ice-cube look. The paper should be something matte/uncoated so the ink won’t smudge off (I used a Japanese Sumi-e roll).

And then you just stamp the ink pads directly onto the paper for a graphic pattern of coloured blocks. Here I created patterns of angled bricks on one sheet and a straight grid for the second gift, but a herringbone tile pattern would also look amazing.

DIY Frosty Ice-Cube Wrapping Paper |

+ Paper
+ Colored ink pads


1. Protect your work surface and lay your paper out flat. Place your first ink pad facedown on the paper, then press down. Different ink pads will require different amounts of pressure to get nice ink coverage. Test out each ink pad on scrap paper to get a sense of what works best.

DIY Frosty Ice-Cube Wrapping Paper |

2. Align your second ink pad, using the edges of the container base to get it approximately straight. I went for a rough approximation to emphasize the handmade look; draw pencil lines as guides if you want a more exact pattern.

3. Repeat, using your different ink pads. Go for a random pattern, as I did, or be more systematic by alternating colours.

4. Let dry, then use to wrap all your winter gifts.

DIY Frosty Ice-Cube Wrapping Paper |

DIY Frosty Ice-Cube Wrapping Paper |

DIY Frosty Ice-Cube Wrapping Paper |

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I'm a gift wrapping expert, writer, stylist and former decorating editor, writing all about gift wrapping on the Corinna Wraps blog.

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