Pinterest Picks: Gold Leaf Gift Tags, Sewn Pillow Boxes + More

A selection of gift wrapping ideas, inspiration and products, as discovered on Pinterest.

1. Calendars wrapped in glassine, secured with washi tape. From Satsuma Press. One simple strip of tape is such a nice detail.

2. Boxed rice cakes. Photo by Genevieve A. via Flickr. I love how precious these rice cakes are, packaged individually and then lined up in a box. I’m totally stealing this idea.

3. DIY machine-embroidered pillow boxes. By Lova Blåvarg on Sweet Paul. To be honest, I don’t know if I’d be capable of making these (such detailed sewing!), but I love the sketchy result.

4. DIY gold leaf gift tags. By Lauren on the Thrifty Ginger. I’d recommend using cardstock instead of paper for these.

5. DIY bird favour box. By Maxine of Tulle Box Designs on Wedding Chicks. Personalize a plain truffle box with a shape punch and foil paper.

Visit my Gift Wrap and Packaging board on Pinterest for more ideas.

About Corinna vanGerwen

I'm a gift wrapping expert, writer, stylist and former decorating editor, writing all about gift wrapping on the Corinna Wraps blog.

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