DIY Washi Tape Easter Eggs

DIY washi tape Easter eggs |

This is my first Easter as a parent — well, second, but my little guy was too little last year to enjoy it — and I’m looking forward to starting a few traditions with my son. Like Easter egg hunts. I’m sure he’ll have no idea what it’s all about, but I think he’ll have fun collecting the not-so-well-hidden eggs.

As an alternative to candy and chocolate eggs (I’m keeping those for myself!), I decided to fill plastic eggs with a variety of toys for him. To decorate the eggs, I turned to every crafter’s fave: washi tape.

DIY washi tape Easter eggs |


+ Plastic eggs (available at the dollar store)

+ Washi tape

+ Scissors

+ Static Guard


1. Fill your eggs with trinkets and treats. I filled these ones with toys from the dollar store, such as dinky cars, bouncy balls and stickers.

2. Spray paper towel with Static Guard and wipe the eggs to remove dust. When the plastic gets static-y, it picks up everything, and this trick seems to help. You want a clean surface so the tape sticks better.

DIY washi tape Easter eggs |

3. Cut tape into various shapes and apply to the eggs in whatever pattern you choose. Triangles accommodate an egg’s curved surface nicely, and I used these in an all-over “cracked egg” pattern, as well as in more traditional bands around the egg. To cover an egg completely, cut small squares and layer the edges. The nice part about this project is that it’s so easy to remove and reposition the tape to get the pattern you want.

And that’s it! Happy Easter!

DIY washi tape Easter eggs |


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  1. So adorable! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 😉

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