Scotch Expressions Tape

Scotch(r) Expressions Washi Tape Patterns

Are you a washi tape fanatic? You’re going to love Scotch Brand’s new line of Expressions Tape.

The adhesive bigwig has released an extensive collection of patterned and coloured tapes in four types: washi tape, masking tape, shipping tape and Magic tape (which has the feel of and works like Scotch Brand’s regular clear Magic tape, but is coloured). There are dozens (hundreds?) of patterns and colours in each series, and they all retail for less than $4 a roll (the washi tape is less than $3).

Scotch(r) Expressions Magic Tape PatternsScotch(r) Expressions Shipping Tape Patterns

I recently had the pleasure of attending a media event introducing Expressions Tape, and I came home with a box full of goodies to try out. Scotch Brand’s washi tape is ever so slightly heavier, stickier and glossier than other washi tapes, which depending on your use, could be a pro or con. And because washi tape isn’t always the best tape for the job, it’s great to see pattern and colour brought to other types of tape too. For example, sending a package across the country — liven up a cardboard box with bright, patterned shipping tape.Scotch(r) Expressions Masking Tape Patterns

But of course, I’ll mostly be using these tapes for gift wrapping. On that note, here’s a little DIY from Scotch Brand:

Scotch(r) Expressions Tape — Gifts_Step1 Scotch(r) Expressions Tape — Gifts_Step2 Scotch(r) Expressions Tape -- Gifts_Step3 Scotch(r) Expressions Tape - Gifts_Step4 Scotch(r) Expressions Tape - Gifts_Without_Borders


+ Images courtesy Scotch Brand


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  1. stephanie

    fab! thanks for the share.

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