Packaged Goods: A Romantic Antique-Style Wedding Gift

Antique Wedding Gift Wrap Look

Wedding Month on the Corinna Wraps blogPUTTING IT TOGETHER One of the nicest parts of weddings is all the beautiful flowers. So why not dress up your gift to the bride and groom with a few blossoms of your own? A boutonniere like this peach carnation one by my friend Tina Riddell at Living Fresh would make a fetching gift topper (I typically think of carnations as being a pretty cheesy flower, but not here!). Carrying on with the floral theme for this gift wrapping concept are an illustrated card by Rifle Paper Co. and an embossed pearlized paper, which when combined with lacy velvet ribbon creates an overall antique-style look. 

THE GOODS (1) Flower Garden embossed metallic paper in Pearl Ivory, $6.59 US per 22×30″ sheet, Paper Mojo. (2) Floral Congrats card, $4.50 US, Rifle Paper Co. (3) Peach carnation boutonniere, Living Fresh. (4) Velvet ribbon with crochet border (1.5″), May Arts (find retailers).


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I'm a gift wrapping expert, writer, stylist and former decorating editor, writing all about gift wrapping on the Corinna Wraps blog.

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