Dinosaur Ribbon Just Right for a Child’s Gift

Dinosaur ribbon gift

Many times when buying ribbons and papers (some of which you can see in My Wrap Stash posts), I don’t have a specific purpose for them. I purchase what I like when I see it, and hoard it away until a time when it’s just the right thing for a specific present.

That’s what happened in the case of this graphic dinosaur ribbon. I bought a few yards of it about a year ago, not knowing whose gift it would adorn, but knowing that I just had to have it. When it came time to wrap a present for a friend’s child, I finally had a reason to pull out the dinosaurs.

This is how I wrap many of my gifts: start with one element and build the look around that. With the dinosaur ribbon as my jumping off point, the next task was to find paper and embellishments to match.

I try to use up the materials I have in my studio as much as possible (with my buying habits, I have to!). This can limit my choices, but it’s often how one ends up with a more interesting end result, as it forces you to be creative and try combinations you may not have considered otherwise.

I started by trying to find a paper from my piles to coordinate with the ribbon, but I wasn’t having any luck, so moved on to my boxes of stickers and labels. In them was one of a collection of Angela Adams–designed labels, with a psychedelic orange and blue pattern that worked with the ribbon. After adding a gold monogram sticker (the first letter of the child’s name), the only thing left was to find paper to complete the look. In the end, I settled on plain kraft paper. It works well, but looking back I wonder if a glossy white or another tone of blue might have popped more.

Regardless, I think the final result was suitably kid appropriate without being tacky. I know the father loved it!

Sources*: Dinosaur ribbon, Sussman’s (Toronto). Angela Adams label, Chronicle Books. Gold monogram sticker (part of complete alphabet set), Staples.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen
* Items might not currently be available.

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