DIY Wedding Medallion Gift Topper

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DIY Wedding Medallion Gift Topper

Wedding Month on the Corinna Wraps blogWedding gifts can be so impersonal sometimes: a present selected from a registry, wrapped in yet another white paper. This customized topper — a variation of a project from my Paper + Petals flower wrapping workshop — is one way to make a gift more personal. Made from three layers of paper, this DIY medallion features a photo of the happy couple.

  • Cardstock
  • Patterned paper
  • Photo of the bride and groom
  • White glue or glue stick
  • Hot glue

Pleated Centre Circle

  1. Cut paper into a strip 1½” x 11″. I used a Japanese paper called Gira Pearl in green; any text-weight paper in a nice colour or pattern will work.
  2. On the back, measure ¼” increments along both sides, marking each with a small pencil mark.
  3. With a bone folder, score across the strip at each ¼” increment, using the pencil marks as your guide.
  4. Fold the strip in an accordion. The first fold should be a mountain fold (bring the back of the paper toward itself). Ensure all your creases are crisp.
  5. Using white glue or a glue stick, attach the ends of the strip together. Apply glue to the face of the first fold, then glue to the face of the first fold at the other end, aligning the edges. Set aside to allow glue to dry.

DIY Wedding Medallion: tracing the circles

Back Circle

  1. Trace a circle onto the back of the cardstock with a pencil. I used a patterned cardstock called Silver Diamond Filigree on White from DeSerres; if you’ve chosen a patterned paper for the pleated circle, you may want to use a plain cardstock for this part. Use any round object as a template (mug, roll of tape, etc.) to make the circle; it should be at least 3½” diameter, so it is bigger than the pleated circle.
  2. Cut out the cardstock circle. You can use regular scissors, but pinking shears or deckle-edge scissors create an especially nice look.
  3. Erase any remaining pencil marks from the back of the cardstock circle.

Front Photo Circle

  1. Find a second round object to be your template for the front circle, something about ½” to 2½” diameter (the smaller the circle, the more the pleated centre circle will show).
  2. Print out your photo so the couple is small enough to fit into your template. (This may take a few tries to get the size right.)
  3. Centre the template over the photo of the couple, then trace around it with a pencil or marker — whichever shows best on the photo.
  4. Cut out the circle, being sure to cut inside the pencil/marker line. Again, consider using deckle-edge scissors.

DIY Wedding Medallion pieces


  1. Put a glob of hot glue in the centre of the front of the large circle and attach the pleated circle. To flatten the accordion into a 360º fan, push the inner edge toward the centre and pull the outer edge away from the centre (see illustration). Be careful not to burn yourself on any hot glue that may ooze from the centre of the pleated circle as you push it down onto the glue. DIY wedding medallion: Pleated Circle
  2. Put a glob of hot glue on top of the centre of the pleated circle and attach the circular photo.
  3. Let glue set, then attach the photo medallion to the gift using double-sided tape or hot glue.

Wedding Medallion detail

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen

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