Dress Up an Envelope with Lace

Lace Envelope Band

Wedding Month on the Corinna Wraps blogWhen you give cash as a wedding gift, there isn’t much to wrap — just a few bills to pop inside a card. You can, however, decorate the envelope to make things a little more exciting.

This DIY lace envelope band takes all of five minutes to make and quickly turns a card into a wrapped gift. Plus, the bride can reuse it, either “regifting” the band the next time she gives a cash gift, or as a stylish way to keep all her wedding cards together as a keepsake.

Wedding Favour Idea: If you’re getting married and making a charitable donation in lieu of giving out wedding favours, this lace band is a beautiful way to decorate donation cards. Just print out the information about the donation you’ve made on heavy cardstock, then follow the directions below to make a lace band for each card.

How To

You will need 1–2′ feet of lace ribbon or trim, depending on the size of your envelope, and some very thin ribbon or cord. The thin ribbon/cord will need to be able to fit through the holes in the lace, so go for a lace with larger holes. If you’d like the bride to have the option of reusing the band to tie together all her wedding cards, choose an elastic lace so it can stretch to fit multiple cards.

Lace Envelope Band, in Progress

To make the envelope band, wrap the lace around the envelope. Then, using a large-eyed needle, sew the ends together with the thin ribbon/cord in a running stitch. You want the lace to be snug enough around the envelope so it doesn’t fall off, but not so tight that you can’t slide it off.  Don’t tie a knot in the ribbon/cord.

Remove the needle. Next, separate the two ends of the lace so they lay open, then pinch the lace together so it gathers to create a ruffle. Tie the ribbon/cord in a bow in the centre, then cut the ends of the lace and the ribbon/cord. Your card will now stand out among all the other wedding cards.

Lazy Wrapper’s Shortcut: Although this DIY project is very simple, some of you may be looking for an even easier way to dress up an envelope. Just skip the sewing and tie a lace ribbon around the envelope in a knot or bow. The finished look isn’t as polished (the knot/bow can get a little chunky), but the lace is still a nice addition.

+ Gift wrapping and photography by Corinna vanGerwen. Background Peacock paper provided by The Japanese Paper Place.

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I'm a gift wrapping expert, writer, stylist and former decorating editor, writing all about gift wrapping on the Corinna Wraps blog.


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